Who are we?
KTX TAX is a resilient & agile firm located in Old Katy. Founded & Locally owned.

KTX Tax provides specialized services such as Notary, Federal & State tax filing including Offer in Compromise. Inoffice and virtual assistance is provided for the convenience of our clients.

We are working with clients across numerous industries, including agriculture, construction, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nonprofit, church, professional services, real estate, restaurants & hospitality, retail, technology & media, and transportation & logistics.

How to find us?
KTX Tax is located off Avenue D @ 5818 4th street.

Client Guidelines
KTX Tax is committed to following Treasury Department Circular No. 230 & lawful practices with a focus on the benefit of taxpayers.

Client Goals
With each year tax laws change or are likely to change. We understand just how important financial stability is . KTX Tax will help bring stability to your tax & financial situation. Partner with KTX TAX to attack any challenges you are facing. Most of our growth comes from overcoming the pain and worry of the taxpayer. Focusing on educating our clients and tackling the overwhelming hassle it may be with filing past and overdue taxes is our expertise. Financial freedom grows here we are excited to work with you and your family

Are we right for you?
If you are looking for fast cash, false promises, and fraudulent services please go elsewhere!

KTX Tax services provide lawful professional services. We strive for consistency and excellence. We expect our clients to provide the same mind frame when preparing to file.

Common Questions

How much will services cost?
All fees are based upon services rendered and fluctuate between each client. No return is the same thus no exact fee can be given until a full quote is given. This is with you in mind to provide a more affordable fee to those with basic returns to those with more complex cases.

How do I pay?
KTX Tax provides multiple routes of payment including credit/debit, cash, check, PayPal and Zelle.

When do I receive my return?
By law as stated you may receive your return 21 days after date of file. This is subject to change as the IRS is severely understaffed and backlog dated from 2020. We inform and educate our clients on the latest updates. With an understanding of financial hardship, we wish to avoid false or estimated dates on which you may receive your return.

See IRS link below for refund status and immediate/latest updates.

I received a letter in the mail what do I do?
This is always unfavorable to receive an unexpected letter from the IRS. KTX Tax is here to assist you. Simply schedule a consult to review or send a picture through our client secure portal to address.


How long will it take to receive my quote?
Please allow 24-48 hours to receive a full quote after submitting all documents/information through our client secure portal. We are at high demand and appreciate your patience and understanding.

I prefer face-to-face and have a hard time uploading what should I do?
KTX Tax caters to clients with both virtual and in-office appointments available please call or message us through our secure client portal.


Refund status